Jaime Jenkins, Fleeting Hour, Aotearoa Art Fair

16 - 20 November 2022

We are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Jaime Jenkins at the Aotearoa Art Fair 2022.

This new body of work sees Jaime continue her investigations into functionality and fragility, weight and weightlessness, the organic and the handmade. Jaime says she often find herself with a desire to shift from one of these modes into another: after making a heavy, floor-based work she might carry on to a light, suspended form. It’s in the space between that this group of work finds its balance.

These are works made to be lived with. They bring the outside in — drawing from the time Jaime spends in nature, exploring the various shifts and moods of the landscapes which surround her. The resulting ceramic sculptures are uniquely her own, defined by a particular way of looking at and feeling through things. Jaime has said before that she’s “always trying to go somewhere beautiful”; these works takes us there.

A printed catalogue and piece of writing by Hanahiva Rose accompanies the exhibition.

We will send a catalogue of works to our full mailing list on Wednesday afternoon the 16th of November. We will not be doing any pre-sales before the Fair opens for the VIP event at 11am on this day.

For more information on the Aotearoa Art Fair and to buy tickets, visit artfair.co.nz

Installation Views