Simon Morris, Walking Drawings

3 - 26 November 2022

This series of drawings were made as part of a larger body of experimental work during Simon Morris’ Fulbright residency at Headlands Centre for the Arts in Marin Country, California in 2017. Simon and his partner are avid walkers, and while on residency a walk around the ridges at Headlands overlooking the Pacific Ocean became a daily activity before heading to the studio. For Simon, it made sense to make art as a response, and these Walking Drawings were the starting point.

While walking, we often relax into a simple rhythm of breathing and stepping — aligning our movement with our breath into a calm and repetitive pattern. The six drawings on display echo this action.

These drawings became the source for Simon’s new site-responsive wall drawing commissioned by City Gallery Wellington for the exhibition Room of Time 2022, currently on display. This exhibition opportunity allowed the simple visual concept worked through in the drawings to meet the time and space of the gallery on a large scale.

Installation Views