Claudia Kogachi is the recipient of the 2022 Debra Porch Award and Residency

Claudia Kogachi is a winner of the 2022 Debra Porch Award — a collaborative award and residency between The Australian Arts Council and Artspace Aotearoa.

Claudia heads to Brisbane in early September to take up the residency at Artisan Queensland where she will be making new tufted rug works.




The Australia Council is supporting a program of reciprocal residencies between Australia and the Asia Pacific with the support of the Debra Porch Award. Each Award has a total value of $15,000 AUD.  

Artist Debra Porch’s practice focused on memory, mortality and the relationship between presence and absence. Working and teaching during art residencies she undertook in our neighborhood regions became vital in her art, work and life.  

In honour of  Debra Porch’s life’s work, this  award supports two artists, an Australian artist and a New Zealand artist, to undertake a visual arts residency, stimulate strong connections and build long-term engagements.  

For the second year, an Australian visual artist will be awarded a grant for a supported residency at Artspace Aotearoa in Auckland, New Zealand. A New Zealand visual artist will also be awarded a reciprocal grant for a supported residency at Artisan in Brisbane, Australia. 



August 12, 2022