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Alan Ibell, Auckland, NZ

'The Home Studio'

Jhana Millers Art Gallery Wellington Artists at Home

"I have a home studio which puts me in a priviledged position and means my work day has not been too affected by the lockdown. I feel for all those artists that have had to sacrifice their studios and find alternatives at home during this time. The studio currently feels very empty after the latest works departed for the gallery. Upon completing a show, I usually allow myself a downtime of a week or so before heading back into the studio in order to consider what my next series of works might look like. This means reading and researching, drawing and developing ideas. I’m currently expanding upon the motif of a house enclosed within a brick wall as can be seen in the two works House at Dawn and House at Night (the feeling of enclosure seems very poignant right now). I also have some collaborative projects planned for the lockdown period. Two separate friends have asked me to provide illustrations for children’s books they plan to write during the coming weeks, and some other friends and I have started a lockdown band in which we send recordings back and forth via email!"

'At Home'

Jhana Millers Art Gallery Wellington Artists at Home

Jhana Millers Art Gallery Wellington Artists at Home

Jhana Millers Art Gallery Wellington Artists at Home

"I have a few of my own paintings on display in rotation around the house. I like to keep particular works around to remind me of specific breakthroughs that the works represent. It’s also nice to live with the works in a domestic setting as a change from the far more familiar studio environment. I find that I can see the works with fresh eyes and over time they often reveal something new that I hadn’t consciously considered at the time of making. Pictured in our living room is a work from 2018 entitled Vessel II.

My partner and I have a growing collection of other artists’ work. Some I’ve acquired through trades with artists, but I have a small collection of amateur art which I’ve mostly sourced from op shops... One of my favourites is the harness-racing horse painting by one N. Whittle (pictured with small work that I traded with Leigh Martin on the shelf below).

My partner recently purchased the garden-scape (pictured with lily) from a good friend of ours Esther Deans, whose work we both really enjoy. On the shelf below are two ceramic pieces by Suzy Dünser, and another by Amanda Ewing (ae ceramics). The small bronze wave is a very dear piece gifted me by friend and Australian-based photographer Sam Perry Dow."